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Moni Aizik is on the cover of UK's No1 Martial Arts Magazine MAI
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Moni Aizik is on Budo International

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Combat Survival

Combat Survival
Founded by World Renowned Combat Expert and Former Israeli Special Forces Commando, Moni Aizik, the Combat Survival Reality Based Institute is dedicated to providing the highest quality of reality-based training and education in each of its core programs.

With its complete state-of-the-art reality based systems, the Combat Survival Reality Based Institute provides personal protection solutions for everyone in society whether you are a civilian, police officer, security specialist or soldier.

The 5 core programs are:

1. Commando Krav Maga (CKM)
2. smartsafe: Women’s Self-Empowerment
3. WIN! Real Life Skills for Kids
4. T.O.P. (Total Officer Protection) for Law Enforcement
5. Elite Combat Fitness (ECF)

The training curriculum in each of these programs were designed with the most evolved, practical and effective tactics and techniques to meet your needs whether you are a man, woman, or child.




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